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Release of MaQma Helpdesk 4.2.7

Release of MaQma Helpdesk 4.2.7

Dear MaQma Helpdesk customers.

We would like to notify you that we just released "MaQma Helpdesk" component version 4.2.7, which fixes the issue with email notifications not being sent upon a ticket creation if the ticket subject contained non-English character(s).

To upgrade your current "MH" installations to this new release, simply download the new archive, unpack it and install the "" file via Joomla's extension manager over your existing MH, - no need to uninstall it beforehand.

For help or suggestions on new features for "MH" or may be your ideas of a new extensions, that you feel might be useful for Joomla end users, please contact us at our support desk.

If you are still looking for a customer support Joomla extension to offer a one-on-one VIP support to customers of your products or services at your Joomla built website, then now is the best time for you. Purchase it now, while we are still running our New Year sales with 35% discount (saving of $80 for "MaQma Helpdesk Lifetime" subscription).

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