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This week the Joomla! project released the next Joomla version - 3.4.1, a maintenance release, which deals with some minor issues found in version 3.4.0 and also brings to you some new features. Could it be just a long overdue reminder that it is about time you migrate your MaQma Helpdesk from your Joomla 1.5 or 2.5? Have a look at a few goodies coming with this new version and make your own mind.

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Freshly installed MaQma Helpdesk displays out of the box three warnings, two of which you may find tricky to get rid of if your MH has been installed on an intranet, that is without access to the internet. Please read on and learn how to get rid of those two pesky warnings. 

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​As a MaQma Helpdesk owner and administrator, increase your support agents efficiency by training them to set tickets view filters. Learn in this little tutorial how a support agent sets his tickets view filter to display to him only tickets with status "Open".

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Did you know that your MaQma Helpdesk tickets can seamlessly become articles for your knowledge base or/and frequently asked questions sections, thus helping you provide with no extra efforts a fresh and useful content to your site visitors and subsequently establish yourself as an expert and authority in your niche?

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Learn in this little tutorial how to easily set up and populate MaQma Helpdesk built-in download application, offer to your visitors/customers free downloadable files and increase your downline.

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