Quick Start with MaQma Helpdesk

How to Quick Start with MaQma Helpdesk

How to Quick Start with MaQma Helpdesk
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MaQma Helpdesk (referred to also as MH further in the course of this quick start quide) is a very powerful and sophisticated online one-on-one customer support helpdesk extension for Joomla!(TM) CMS. Install MH in one click via your Joomla extensions manager and right away offer at your website to your online customers front end VIP support desk with private ticketing one-on-one exchange system.

Intimidating as it might seem to you out of the box, your MH based helpdesk as browser based software and your business online tool is based on just four major pillars:

  1. Your helpdesk support departments
  2. Your helpdesk support team (or "support staff" in MH parlance)
  3. Three types of users requesting one-on-one support at your online helpdesk:
    1. Unregistered guest members of general public
    2. Registered customers of your products and services
    3. Registered customers of your products and services who are also you premium clients, paying your extra premium for support, per hour or per ticket, according to their support contracts with you
  4. Your one-on-one support tickets exchange between your helpdesk customers and its staff, - the very blood of your customer support helpdesk.

All the bells and whistles you can find in your MaQma Helpdesk component installation, all of its settings and parameters with their options, concern one of the above four functions of your helpdesk and they are easy to learn.

At the end of this quide you will have learned the following:

  1. What the technical requirements to install and run MH are
  2. How to download your MH installation "EXTRACT_FIRST_helpdesk" ZIP pack from website
  3. How to extract its content into a temporary folder on your personal computer hard drive
  4. How to easily install your MH extension with one click via Joomla extensions manager
  5. How to easily with one click fix the "Countries IP database" and "Extra PDF files" post-installation warnings
  6. The six straightforward sections MH back end control panel consists of
  7. How to effortlessly create and set up your "Pre-sales" customer support helpdesk department to accept one-on-one tickets with pre-sales questions from anonymous, that is general public, unregistered guest
  8. How to quickly assign to this newly created pre-sales support department three members of staff of your customer support desk team:
    1. Support desk team manager
    2. Support desk team leader
    3. Support desk team agent
  9. How to painlessly test creating and sending the anonymous type ticket to the "Pre-sales" support department as unregistered guest
  10. How to easily test replying to this guest ticket as a support team agent
  11. How the guest sender of the anonymous type ticket would reply to the responded to him support agent.

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