Generous 40% discount (saving of $52) on MaQma Helpdesk 12-months plan purchase plus automatic 40% discount on its renewal in 1 year. Hurry, this crazy offer ends on 13th of October!
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years faithfully serving Joomla! customer support extensions market

MaQma Helpdesk

your best Joomla! ticketing system extension for sophisticated one-to-one customer support helpdesk

Improve Your Business Image

Most sophisticated and sleekest customer support helpdesk Joomla extension for your web-site. Install it with one click via Joomla extensions manager and instantly improve your business image!

Save Money

Save money, adding as many support departments and agents to your Maqma Helpdesk as you wish, without limit - no extra licenses required as your business starts to grow.

Not Ticketing System Only

Deploy MaQma Helpdesk now and besides the ticketing system get within its installation a set of power applications: "Knowledge Base", "Announcements", "Public Discussions", "Glossary", "Forms", - to name a few.

Enjoy Full Control

Track and anylise how efficient your helpdesk workflow between its customers and support agents is with sophisticated reporting tools and enjoy full control. And as if this is not enough, create your own, custom reports!

Acquire Customisation

Your business is unique and should your customer support helpdesk need a bespoke development, our customisation service is always a click away. Just ask!

One to One Support

New to Joomla? Only starting with its extensions? Our one-to-one support got you covered, no question too small.

Easy Error Catcher

tool to help you catch wide range of system errors

Catch System Errors Like Pro

Even your grandma will be giggling now at how quick it is to catch PHP/JS errors and missed images.

Fine Tune What to Catch

Be the boss and fine-tune your "Easy Error Catcher" to define which errors to log and which to ignore.

You Be the Boss

Feed this handy component with your email address and get instantly notified by email as error take place.

Common Pre-sales Questions

I would like to purchase your Maqma Helpdesk and Easy Error Catcher extensions but don't have a PayPal account. Do you have any other options for me to pay you?
Yes, we can look at your case to see if anything could be worked out for you personally. Please click on the "Contact Us" menu, located at the top of our website, and send us a simple message with your details. In response, we will contact you to discuss if/what alternative to PayPal options are available for your payment.
Do you offer any loyalty discounts on subscriptions renewal?
Yes, we do indeed. If you renew your subscription with us before its expiry date, you will enjoy 25% discount.
Can I keep using MaQma Helpdesk/Easy Error Catcher once my subscription expired?
You can use our products as long as you wish, with no time limitation. Please be mindful though that we periodically update our products, either with new features, maintenance improvements or security fixes, and to take advantage of these new versions you will have to have a valid subscription.
I have a business with a Joomla CMS based website and would like to install your MaQma Helpdesk but am not a tech-savvy guy. Would you be willing to install and configure MaQma Helpdesk on my website for me?
We will be more than happy to help you. Simply contact us, clicking on the "Customise" menu at the top of our website and submit us your required tasks details and we will send you a no obligation quote in reply.
We've been running our website with your MaQma Helpdesk for a few years now and would like to enhance it and to add a few custom features to it. Could you undertake some custom development for us?
Yes, we do routinely undertake custom development projects and don't mind helping you at all. Just use our "Customise" menu at the top of our website to send us your details and your project requirements and we will duly reply to you with no obligation quote.
I purchased your MaQma Helpdesk but on the second thought realised that I actually don't need it. Could I claim a refund please?
It depends on whether you already downloaded the purchased product or not. Please use the "Contact Us" menu at the top of our website to submit your refund request and we will have a look at your account.
We are absolutely delighted with MaQma Helpdesk and your support and as a token of our appreciation would like to leave an appraisal. Where should we submit it to please?
We will be delighted to receive your feedback either directly, via our "Contact Us" webpage (see the top menu), or via our Twitter #componentslab channel. You can also submit your review to Joomla Extensions Directory. Just click on the "Write a review" link at page. Thank you very much in advance.
I tried to purchase MaQma Helpdesk Lifetime license but your system refused my transaction. Why?
As we publicly announced here, at our website, and via our Twitter account, we opened the "MaQma Helpdesk" Lifetime subscription only to first seven customers, which means that by the time you tried to place your order, the seven subscriptions limit has already been reached.

If you would like to make the most of your MaQma Helpdesk subscription, we suggest you start from purchasing our value 12-months subscription, - you will then have a 25% discount on its next renewal.

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